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JUPITER ALERT: Eruption in the North Temperate Belt


Jupiter observations obtained this morning in the IRTF by Glenn Orton show the outbreak of two bright plumes in the North Temperate Belt of the planet. This is a very important event known as a North Temperate Belt Disturbance (NTBD). The NTBD is a planetary-scale disturbance that has erupted in the peak of the strong eastward jet (150 to 180 m/s), similar to the one observed in 2007 and published in a paper in Nature in 2008.

See the images in Glenn Orton's facebook page.

After an urgent analysis, the two plumes are located at the following positions and will quickly evolve over the next few days.

Plume 1: Longitude: 82.9 III - Latitude (centric) = 21.8 N

Plume 2: Longitude: 114.3 III - Latitude (centric) = 21.8 N

We encourage observations of Jupiter even in its present close position to the Sun. Images of the plumes will allow to constrain one rare and very important event in Jupiter. Juno is in safe mode and could not observe these features in its close passage of the planet today but hopefully will be observing again in its next close pass over the planet.