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Copyright notice

This site has been developed through EUROPLANET-2020 Research Infrastructure as an external service of VESPA (Virtual European Solar and Planetary Access). The data in this webpage is made available by the cooperation of many individual observers and is distributed freely in this webpage for scientific research on solar system objects, science popularization and other non commercial uses. The data is distributed through a licence CC-BY (citation and acknowledgement) but the individual observers are the owners of copyright of the individual images.

Note that by sending images to this website you are authorizing its scientific use to researchers in a variety of projects including research related to the Juno and Akatsuki missions to Jupiter and Venus. See external links for more information.

As a general rule of thumb you can reproduce the images with acknowledgement of their respective authors. To avoid any conflict we strongly encourage you to contact individual observers by e-mail.If you need to contact individual observers you can find their e-mails from the information in the Users tab or send and e-mail to pvol@ehu.eus to find more about them. As a courtesy please also send us an e-mail to pvol@ehu.eus to let us know about publications from this data so that we can keep statistics of the use of the data.