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Jupiter impact on 28 August, 2023


A new flash impact has been discovered in Jupiter's atmosphere. The discoverers of the impact are Tsutomu Ishibashi and Satoshi Ota who used a B390 filter and a color camera respectively. There is a third detection by a visual observer, Mitsuharu Morita visually observing the impact on the monitor between shootings. Later, new reports from different observers have been comunicated through ALPO-Japan and X/Twitter. These include a third video detection by Tadao Ohsugi, using a color camera, Yasuaki Tomita using a monocrome camera, and Masamichi Sekine also using a color camera. In addition, observers from China (Liu Qiqi from Zhengzhou and possibly others) have captured data of the impact with reports on X (Twitter). The image on the right is one of the frames in the video by Satoshi Ota. There are at least 7 independent observations of this impact, which makes this event one of the most widely observed impact flashes on Jupiter's atmosphere.

According to a first report circulated by Issi Tabe, from ALPO Japan, the impact occurred at 16:45:57 on August 28, 2023 with an impact position around L2 128° B″+45°.

Jupiter observers are encouraged to look at their video observations a few minutes around the impact to look for the flash and confirm this new impact with additional data that can constrain the size and energy released by the impacting body. The use of DeTeCt is encouraged. Reports can be sent to Marc Delcroix, Ricardo Hueso and Isshi Tabe at the addresses:

Methane-band images by observer Isao Miyazaki about 42 min after the impact do not show any impact scar on the planet confirming a small size of the body similar to previous flash impacts.

More information about the impact is currently available on: