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Return of the Venus Cloud Discontinuity


A large scale Cloud Discontinuity (CD) on Venus has been observed during the last weeks by amateur astronomers Antonio Cidadao, Luigi Morrone and Clyde Foster. This type of events represent a peculiar morphology of Venus clouds discovered recently and tracked last year over amateur observations. This time, a clear manifestation of Venus' CD was captured 5 times during May 2022 (5-10-15-20-25). The next observation of this feature is expected on 30 May and every ~5 days after it.

It will be very interesting to see when it will dissipate, so observations with IR filters are required. Imaging in UV may be useful too to confirm whether this wave phenomenon dissipates before arriving at the top of the clouds. Also, it is very important to observe every day to cover the global situation of the middle clouds.

Observations should be posted in the ALPO-Japan webpages and in the PVOL database of amateur observations (http://pvol.ehu.eus)

Javier Peralta from the Universidad de Sevilla (Spain) and Manos Kardasis (Greece) are coordinating a large effort to understand the global behavior of this feature.

Javier Peralta, jperalta1@us.es

Manos Kardasis, astromanos2002@yahoo.gr

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