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Jupiter Impact Alert


Marc Delcroix alerts of a Jupiter impact detection by José Luis Pereira from Brazil.

TO ALL OBSERVERS: Check videos around 2021-09-13T22:39:30 UT to see if the video shows the flash of the impact. Additional videos will improve the study of the impacting body and will help to determine a good light-curve for this object desintegrating in Jupiter's atmosphere. Also CHECK images in CH4 band that you may have of the area after the impact and in the last Jupiter rotation .

PLEASE CONTACT US (Ricardo Hueso and Marc Delcroix) for analysis of data in case you have observed this area.

The impact detection by Jose Luis Pereira occured under bad weather conditions. Jose Luis decided to observe to look for impacts and used the software DeTeCt to check his videos. He did see something on screen while tweaking the parameters on hi first video, but thought it could be due to the very bad conditions with Jupiter even disappearing under the environment fog.

Sincere congratulations to Jose Luis Pereira for this great observation captured under difficult weather conditions! You can check a GIF extracted from the video at Marc's site: http://astrosurf.com/planetessaf/doc/2021-09-13-2239_3-IRUV-Jup_F3275-3385%20qmax.gif, or here at PVOL: http://pvol2.ehu.eus/pvolfiles/2021-09-13-2239_3-IRUV-Jup_F3275-3385 qmax.gif