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JunoCam images on PVOL


junocam The largest collection of images in PVOL correspond to Jupiter observations obtained by amateur astronomers from all over the world. The Juno mission around Jupiter has provided the highest spatial resolution observations of the planet. The context of these observations comes many times from amateur observations and the Juno mission has stablished a large-scale collaboration with amateur astronomers and citizen scientists through the JunoCam instrument (PI: Candice Hansen, Planetary Sciences Institute) and the https://www.missionjuno.swri.edu/junocam website. Now, to facilitate the comparison of these two very diverse datasets PVOL incorporates maps of Junocam images accesible through its search engine with the user "j unocam" or simply by date. The images in PVOL correspond to cylindrical maps of color images of Jupiter. Future updates of this dataset may incorporate observations in the methane band. A list of images at their glorious high spatial resolution is also available in PVOL at its Junocam images tab in the upper menu.

The current data uploaded into PVOL incorporates RGB observations from Juno's perijoves 3 to 11 and a new perijove will be uploaded with a cadence of one per week approximately.

Mapping of these images and their incorporation in PVOL has been possible thanks to the project Europlanet 2024 RI and the scientific collaboration with Drs. Candice Hansen (LPI) and Glenn S. Orton (JPL).