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Object Uranus
Image type image
File size 56.0 KB
URL u2022-12-28_22-24-00__asoares.png
Observer Avani Soares
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Comments: Uranus is annoying to pick up, even more so at 44º, however, even so, you can easily notice the lighter tone from the center to the right (north). It is a characteristic of this planet as well as the tilted axis practically at 90º. This makes it the only planet to rotate lying down in the solar system, if position can be said to exist in space.

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Observation 1
Feature(s) N/A
Filter(s) N/A
Date 2022-12-28 22:24:00
Julian day 2459942.433333333
System I N/A
System II N/A
System III 125.850586°
Illumination 100.0%
Phase angle 2.200000047683716°
Solar longitude 239.8°
Eq. diameter 3.68″
Derotation 0.0 min