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Jovian Impacts Detection Software

Here you can find different software packages that you can use to inspect videos of Jupiter and look for signs of faint impacts. The recommended software is DeTeCt 3.3.0. The different versions of DeTeCt have been developed by Marc Delcroix from previous software developed by Marc Delcroix and Jon Juaristi. DeTeCt 3.0 have been supported by the PSWS activities under the Europlanet-2020 RI project.
The current developments around DeTeCt and its latest versions are being done by Marc Delcroix.
Check project results at Marc Delcroix's dedicated website on Impact Detection results Please send us your feedback by writting to: Marc Delcroix e-mail: delcroix.marc AT free.fr or Jon Juaristi juarist AT @uni-heidelberg.de.

Please note that you when you run the software you should send to Marc Delcroix the DeTeCt.log files for statistical analysis. Negative detections are also important to constraint the flux of impacts in Jupiter! See more details on the Impact Detection results webpage.



Last updated: 14 May 2019