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Planet Map is a software tool developed to automatically map planetary images obtained by amateur astronomers into cylindrical maps and polar projections in a massive way allowing hundreds of maps from hundreds of images with little to no human action. The software is developed in python and makes use of the Elkano geometry library for Python developed by Jorge Hernández-Bernal. Elkano is a software soon to be released on the public domain. PlanetMap has been developed by Mikel Sánchez Arregi with a research contract funded by Europlanet 2024.

The software works well for Jupiter images as well as images of Mars and Venus. Analyzing image files with several images of a planet may run into troubles if the planet images are placed too close together. Current data includes only Jupiter maps from January-May 2022 and January-November 2023. We are currently computing Jupiter maps for other years as well as Mars and Venus maps. Those maps will be soon available on this site accessible through tables like the one below.

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Example: Jupiter Polar projections

Example from images obtained by Tiziano Olivetti with planet's South up.
The software identifies two images and navigates both. Outputs from polar projections of the color image are shown.

Mars example: Example from images obtained by Christopher Go with planet's North up and moderate illumination phase.
Original image
Original image

Acknowledgement: These webpages and the inclusion of JunoCam data in PVOL/VESPA are made possible with funding from Europlanet 2024 RI. Europlanet 2024 RI has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 871149. We are very grateful to Candice Hansen (LPI), Glenn S. Orton (JPL) and the overall JunoCam team for making possible to have this data available at PVOL. We are also specially grateful to John H. Rogers (BAA) and Gerald Eischtaedt for their support and help with these data and the intercomparison with data provided by amateur astronomers.

Updated: 26 Feb. 2024